Colin F. Jones


~ 1: The Fire Bringer

The beasts had courage strength and speed,
Wings claws and talons with which to feed,
No man could match such awesome power,
Until brave Prometheus brought them fire.
With fire they could fight the beasts so bold
By it’s warming flames defeat the cold,
And they could see in the dark of night,
From the fiery blaze of it’s bright light.
He ascended to Olympus; on its sacred sods
He lit a torch from the hearth of the Gods,
Shielding it in a stalk Prometheus ran,
Delivering the flame to the hands of man.
The King of Gods, Jupiter, looked down,
Observing Prometheus with an angry frown.

~ 2: The Wrath of Jupiter

“Vulcan” said he, the King of Gods,
“ Fashion a chain from steel and rods,
And hang Prometheus by foot and hand,
From a high cliff face of a mountain grand.”
Naked he hung in pain and fear,
Through all the seasons of the year,
And Jupiter sent an Eagle with razor beak,
To peck at his liver till his blood did leak.
Prometheus was immortal so he could not die,
And many long years passed on by.
A terrible punishment had been enforced;
For Jupiter had forbidden man this resource.
But Prometheus was later by Hercules found,
A friend and a hero of great renown.

~ 3: The Perfect Woman

Prometheus had fashioned all men on the Earth,
But the Gods displeased did challenge their worth,
So they created a woman who was born to deceive,
Jupiter gave her the breath of life to be breathed
Vulcan moulded her figure in a wondrous clay,
Venus gave her a loveliness that could never decay,
Juno lent her gentleness dignity and the muse,
Taught her to sing sweet songs with nice views,
Endowed by Mercury with soft speaking words,
That could melt a mans heart as the sun melted curds
And they named her Pandora the all gifted one,
And the Gods were so pleased by what they had done.
So they gave her a gold box of delicate design,
“ As long as you are obedient the box will be thine”

~ 4: The Opening of the Box

Pandora was forbidden to open the box,
That shone gold in the sun to rival her locks,
Then she was off to find Epimetheus now on the ground,
Where he among mortals ‘twas said could be found.
Epimetheus was unwise thus the future was vague,
But the beauty of Pandora would tranquilize a Sage,
So they married as soon as their eager breaths met,
And her life on the Earth knew not of regret.
All things of course were at her beckon and call,
For no work and no duties on her did befall,
So she was quite lonely with her husband away,
With only the gods golden box with which she could play.
But one day so tempted she decided to peek,
Though ‘twas naughty to do so the catch she did seek.

~ 5: The Box of Evil Spirits

As she opened the lid there was a buzzing inside,
And delicate soft wings on her cheek seemed to glide,
Then the lid came away from the caskets gold rim,
And she peered with astonishment at the contents within.
The casket was empty it was barren and bare,
And Epimetheus was angry that she seemed not to care,
That she had disobeyed the Gods and opened the lid,
So they argued and fought over what Pandora did.
Out of the box had swarmed anger and fear,
Deceases and hunger and harsh bitter tear,
For these evil spirits where the cruel gods deceit,
For man’s acceptance of fire and it’s powerful heat.
Yet among all the bad spirits was a spirit of hope
That would give Pandora and Epimetheus reason to cope.

~ 6: The Spirit of Hope

Jupiter in pity had given hope to the world,
Mid the terrible sorrows hope was unfurled,
To help men in trouble to bear up and fight,
In the shadows of death and fear in the night.
To the Elysian Fields let all poets go,
To dwell beyond Lethe where pure waters flow.
On the islands of the blessed let our hero’s reside,
Joining Perseus and Hercules up in the sky.
Where brave Warriors wear heavens silver star,
On their uniforms of blue where ever they are.
That the God who made all Gods do honour them there,
In the mysterious sanctuaries that soldiers do share,
For his is the spirit the power the fury,
That gives hope to the world and to soldiers his glory.