Colin F. Jones


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: June 18, 2003
Awarded: June 18, 2003
I’m sure my friend that God doth know,
that you do suffer pain,
that from your heart such love doth flow,
where old memories sad remain.
He knows your thoughts and your regrets,
He knows your losses deep,
and knows when sadness casts its nets,
over the peacefulness of sleep;
He watches you with smiling face,
cast back to boyhood days,
wondrous thoughts made to replace,
those cruel and sad dismays.
For Poppa, the Lord, He let you live
because your heart is true,
that you will share your loving ways,
in everything you do.
What we are, are all our thoughts,
we are all our joys and rues,
and faith in God has always taught,
that we must see it through.
Have you not found that in your mind
there lives yet greater joy
far stronger than the woe you find;
your memories as a boy?
‘Tis always best to walk those trails,
where we once walked in joy,
for my friend where sorrow fails,
is where it can’t true love destroy.
Boyhood dreams – what better dreams
were e’er devised by God
to replace with laughter all those screams
now silent in the sod?