Colin F. Jones


People who are free, are those whose thoughts are their own;
Not formed from tutors’ mind-seeds, that over time have grown;
Who conform only when it matters, in duty and in law,
Or when they lie in tatters, in the light of heavens door.
We are not free to need a brother when a brother needs us more:
Nor to turn our backs on terror, nor a justifiable war.
We are not free to turn from others, though we do not like their way,
Who need a helping hand to keep poverty at bay.
We are not free to scorn another, because he has a different view;
Nor ridicule our leaders doing what we cannot do.
We are free only if our thinking is uniquely all our own,
If we are brave enough to defend our truth, and do it all alone.
For though we need our friendships, our loves, and our God,
If we cannot do without them, then in servitude we plod