Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Peace of mind we all desire,
But it takes a lifetime to acquire.
The disappointments we endure,
Are due to expectations we procure,
From hope that never will reveal,
What is false and what is real.
Acceptance of the way things are,
Leads us nearer to peace than hope by far,
For to rue o’er things we cannot change,
Might well our finer thoughts derange.
So lift your hearts and think of light,
Leave all dark things to dwell in night,
For only those things that you keep,
Are there to haunt you in your sleep.

~ 2 ~

Death might well bring peace of mind,
That in our life times we can’t find,
For peace is not a pure white dove,
And hate exists because of love.
What then is peace, if there’s no war,
What would we all be living for.
For wars, you see, just cannot cease,
Lest the desire be lost to live in peace.
We must accept the rules of life,
Lest chaos invades our minds so rife,
That all the things we thought we had,
Turn sour to leave us ill and sad.
For all that’s peace lives in our mind,
Where we must search within to find