Colin F. Jones


A pawn does the bidding, of the player, not the King;
He’s used to fight the enemy to control the centre of the ring.
Sometimes the pawn is sacrificed to gain a better grip.
Sometimes he’s lost in battle because he made a fatal slip
No matter how he’s used, his role is vital to the end,
For it is the structure of his nation that he is fighting to defend.
The King is but the symbol of a culture, as it stands,
Who must not risk his life in battle, as every soldier understands.
For when the King is captured then a way of life is lost,
The valiant pawns all vanquished, part of the fruitless cost.
For a King whose pawns are faithful is a King long to reign,
The player understands, that it is not done without some pain:
The player being the people who want to enjoy a way to be,
And are willing to preserve it – sacrificing lives to be free.