Colin F. Jones


I know your pain, as birds know wind
As streams know cold and flowers know Spring
I know your pain as you know mine
As sun knows Earth and trunk knows vine
So what is left of our sweet life
That reels in torment and in strife
That now declines in wasteful time
Into a place where suns don’t shine.

Deep shadows cloak where once was light
In purpose dwells a lost delight
That where our hopes lay filled with joy
There is but sadness to deploy.
I seek to take away your pain
But all in vain, in vain, in vain

As nights grow longer without sleep
There are no tears left to weep
Yet while we hear the birds outside
Chirping with resilient pride
And feel the cool of Winter air
The sounds of Summer everywhere
We’ll find sweet moments to recall
Before the Autumn leaves do fall
And live sweet memories once again
When briefly we forget the pain.