Colin F. Jones


Even a President is a man like you,
Oft with defects others do lack,
Head of American liberty it is true,
But not of true freedom lest he be black.
Stand up ye critic and show thy face,
Show where your true thoughts lie,
When you your President would disgrace,
And for your nation you would not die.
Lead thy children into the streets,
And teach them treasonable shouts,
Where behind closed doors the Devil meets,
The tyrants and pacifist louts
Who plot parades for fools like you
Who know not what it’s all about.

The dark troops of the devil revealed,
Influenced by societies revolutionary few,
For they are weak where others are steeled,
And theirs is a blindfolded view
They thrive on the freedom that war,
Gave them at great cost to their peers,
Now they use what their soldiers fought for,
To express their treason and fears.
They are used by the politically maimed,
By terrorists and foes of the state,
By a media who cannot be tamed,
Who cause a good deal of the hate.
Wielding banners that put down their own,
The truth of the foolish is shown.