Colin F. Jones and Anthony W. Pahl

Our Australia


Our nation was born as a prison for convicts
bearing no conscience ‘cept to the Union Jack.
Wrested from Koories in unmentioned conflicts,
our land now at peace, there is nothing we lack

We gained independence born in the knowledge
that we’d shine as a beacon – be seen by the world
as a nation of freedom and honourable courage;
proudly Australian as our banner unfurls.

We fought for Mother England, and for the Empire;
We fought for adventure and boldly we died.
We fought for the freedoms all people desire;
We fought for our country’s honour and pride.

An island no more, the moat is now bridged
by air and by ship, and invisible sounds.
And in our store (once the domain of the privileged)
now food for the needy generously abounds.

Proudly united, we stand shoulder to shoulder
through bush fire and drought, tempest and flood.
Our loyalties made stronger by diverse multi-culture;
sharing our beliefs as a true nation should.

Australia’s the land of the free and the willing;
we serve one another, the law and the earth.
We seldom demand and are gen’rous in giving,
and humbly acknowledge our heritage of birth.

In our desire for peace may we never forget
the brave soldiers who died for all that is good,
those who returned and who remain with us yet,
who nurtured our nation with tears and with blood

Let us always remember the ANZACs with pride,
who defended the freedom and peace we now share.
Those soldiers who endured, suffered and died
that proud liberty’s truth be the standard to bear.