Colin F. Jones

~ One Spur And The Arrow ~

~ 140 ~

On the trail the morning
Found deacon on his bay
By his side rode Danny
Upon his flea-bit grey

~ 141 ~

They edged the jagged cuttings
And followed Dingo trails
All around the rocks loomed high
And the wind began to wail

~ 142 ~

The sky grew black, and rumbled
And soon rain began to fall
In the cold and steaming wet
They could not see at all

~ 143 ~

Their horses groped on blindly
Sliding on the shale
Both these riders knowing
That their horses would not fail

~ 144 ~

They moved from dangerous ravine
Through deep and hollow gorge
As from the gaps and rocky cracks
The water began to forge

~ 145 ~

Then the gorge became a gully
Displaying a silver stream
That rippled through the ravines
A shining watery seam

~ 146 ~

Here the two found cover
Inside a dim lit cave
And as they scrambled blindly in
There swelled a violent wave

~ 147 ~

Wind roared across the mountains
And slapped at rock and tree
Pouring now, the rain crashed down
To tear stone from rock and lea

~ 148 ~

The alpine streams they pounded
As the torrents hurled and tossed
Tearing down the steep inclines
Where many gullies crossed

~ 149 ~

In the sky the thunder clapped
The lightning flashed and ripped
The tops of trees across the rocks
Where steep canyons clung and dipped

~ 150 ~

Landslides rumbled down the slopes
Turning the rivers into surf
Boulders rolled, bounced and crashed
From the rock face down to turf

~ 151 ~

But soon the storm was over
And the clouds were swept away
Golden in the clearing sky
The sun made light the day

~ 152 ~

From their humble shelter
Leading their fine ponies
Stepped Deacon and with Danny
Smiled like bosom cronies

~ 153 ~

They didn’t know where they were
Nor how they even got there
But mounting they gazed around
As though they did not care

~ 154 ~

Deacon steered his tired horse
Towards a rocky ledge
Danny turned to follow him
To the dripping edge

~ 155 ~

Miles down, vast and wide
Green silver in the sun
The valley stretched from peak to peak
Where the mountain rivers run

~ 156 ~

Grazing over the pasture land
Spread for miles around
Wild horses reared and ran
Across the fruitful ground

~ 157 ~

Atop a mound, so green it shone
A black horse stood in fire
No artist could paint his splendour
Nor match his black attire

~ 158 ~

From the ledge the two men watched
As the wild horse pawed the air
A graceful horse in a fruitful land
With a valley full of mare

~ 159 ~

Deacon and Danny turned away
To find their way to camp
At last One Spur had his chance
To prove that he was champ