Colin F. Jones

(A Trilogy)


Grey Towers lie crimson in the shattered street
Tombs for thousands who will never die
Across the sky their souls have formed the sheet
That flies half-staff where all our hopes do fly
But at ground zero a man stands strong and lean
To slowly raise the Stars and Stripes again
A man filled with an old American dream
That rises like a rose bud through the pain
Across the nation millions of flowers bloom
Pure roses from the persuasion of their tears
Resurrecting God from the wrath of doom
To renew once more their courage over fears
And all will glory in the coming fight…
Freedoms flags flown every day and night


Soar then through the wide blue heavens
Proud bird with wings wide spread
Swoop down through the torrid havens
Until the foe is dead
Cast thy giant shadow wide
Seek out the evil prey
And glide the heavens with great pride
For Tis your vengeful day
In the cloves of the mountains
O’er the vast wide open plains
Through the damp and tepid marshes
Where thy freedom ever reigns
Great bird, though through a cloud filled sky,
Will thee, with great freedom, always fly.


Fly the flag sir, till the day doth come
When tears and blood have washed terror from the Earth
Till that day sir, when all the killing done
Describes what freedoms values are really worth.
Fly your flag sir, in the free wind watch it clap
Applaud the men and women of the land
Who turned from sorrow into freedom’s lap
And sacrificed their lives for something grand
Stand up tall ‘mid the ruins of your birth
From where germinates a host of united souls
Where good folk discovered the Evil on this Earth
Yet with faith and tears put out the Devil’s coals.
Ere savour this all sweet freedom’s foes
You waste your hate, for a free world from it grows