Colin F. Jones


South Vietnam was corrupted by the Catholic Church:
It was where a single family sat upon the lofty perch,
They ruled the land with harshness, wallowing in greed,
Building personal treasures with ever growing need.
The monks complained; sacrificed themselves in city streets,
But still the ruling masters practiced corruption and deceit.
North Vietnam decided to make the country whole,
So they ravaged through the cities in a guerrilla role.
Soon the frightened greedy Government called for US aide,
To defend the rich South areas where their wealth was made.
So America sent its forces to defend greed’s elite,
Catholic little families who knew only how to cheat.
Now history tells the story and we know that thousands died,
For themselves and not for glory because their Politicians lied.

~ 2 ~

The enemy were the Communists and they knew how to fight,
For they had a cause to urge them for they knew they were right.
But Communists are enemies of the Great United States,
And all the Christian countries to whom their God relates.
They did not believe in Jesus or the Holy Bibles creeds,
So they were thought inhuman filled with the Devil’s seeds.
So onward Christian soldiers, onward to the fray,
Get stuck in and kill them all and have a happy day.
Their soldiers though were stubborn and fighting for their homes,
And many from South Vietnam some sympathy had shown
Against much powerful forces they bravely fought to win,
But on every front they lost again in the battle din.
But the war went on as people spoke against the war in vain,
And the politicians they sat back while the soldiers suffered pain.

~ 3 ~

There were protesters young and fair and filled with concern,
Some who were quite innocent and some with much to learn.
Wives had lost their husbands and Mothers had lost their sons,
Yet still they were dropping bombs and sending in more guns.
Some Journalists reported news from the other side,
Defending how the North Vietnamese were killed who could not hide
They told of the terrible slaughter of the women and their young,
That Americans were killing babies as to their breasts they clung.
So people kept on dying be they from the south or north,
Or from the allied countries who were committed to go fourth.
The Politicians wrangled all trying to wriggle out and run,
To hide in the nearest closet or up some other bodies bum.
And as the casualties mounted the Generals they tried to blame,
But a manacled General on the battlefield does well to be sane.

~ 4 ~

So now the Pres was getting worried (he was not very well),
So he said he would not run for another term in Hell.
So there came a selfish monster who, with power in his stride,
Used his devious adventure to benefit from those who died.
He schemed his way to power and deceived all those he served,
While his soldiers still were dying in a war they ill deserved.
Finally he ventured to bring the soldiers home,
And leave the crumpling South Vietnam to fight on its own.
It was a war of numbers and of treachery and despair,
A dirty filthy war for all the soldiers serving there.
Condemned by their countries, by their scolding fellow man,
The soldier he was devastated who fought in Vietnam.
He was called a baby killer and they blamed him for the war,
Condemning him to misery as no soldiers had been before.

~ 5 ~

But now the war is over and the years have slowly gone,
The North Vietnamese in Vietnam have the South overrun.
These lovely communist people have stirred in our hearts,
A respect that we can’t deny them now that the war departs.
They smile, those survivors, though so many of them died,
As we who live still suffer because our Politicians lied.
We will not forgive them for we lost so many mates,
For we did not fight for glory; nor for the United States,
We fought for those beside us, no matter who they were,
Be he a gunner from the pit or a Padre or a sir.
We fought there for survival, not for the President or God;
We fought for those brave soldiers lying in the earthen sod.
We all have our reasons for what we think it was for,
But in the action of the battles it was a very private war.