Colin F. Jones


I have no right; I guess; and yes,
God must agree for He
Left me to die inside
Before he set me free

What brought I back from Nam;
What disease, what devils germ?
Look now what I am,
And you will sadly learn.

Would my son have Malaria,
An enlarged Liver and a Pain
Called Hiatus Hernia,
And a hidden shame

Called putting up with father?
And sad for him and Mother
Who he seems to always bother
Like he does with no other

Would he ask me why I cry?
Why he can’t have brothers?
Why no matter how I try
I can’t play with him as others?

Who still have legs so strong
Kick balls and run so fast
While I do not belong
Except in distant past

My dad; he can’t do anything!
But he was a soldier man
The best one in the world,
Who went to Vietnam!!

Dad, what is diabetes?
Why do your muscles pain?
Why do you stay at home?
Why can’t I have your name?

Because… Well God always knew
And I, in sorrow grew,
With a far more wiser view
For dear I met you ……