Colin F. Jones


We march for ourselves Fred,
Those who are dead are dead,
What might be negative to you,
Make not these words untrue.
Some lines may be verse,
Or something even worse,
But I write not for your praise,
Nor to brighten up your days,
But to share all points of view,
Though you may not think them true.
At least you state your mind,
Most ignore what they think unkind,
The questions you ask of me,
Reveal what you cannot see.

Webmaster’s Note: A reference to a comment by Fred Alvis about Col’s poem, “What Are They Marching For?” ©Copyright March 27, 2006 by Colin F. Jones

On March 27, 2006, Fred wrote: I know why I march… don’t you? I know why I went, don’t you? Living in the past? For some of us, everyday depressions, flashbacks, and memory intrusions aren’t in the past. I suppose I find this poem a good one in the aspect that it raises a reaction in me and that’s what we strive for, isn’t it? I feel this poem is very negative towards combat veterans, if not downright insulting. I write for 2 reasons: First, I enjoy it even as poor as my writing is. Secondly, and I just found this out by the Doc, is that it’s a way of touching a very bad area in my mind that I have walled off… searching for healing… perhaps that’s why some march.