Colin F. Jones


She waved farewell to her Daddy as he left her,
Who had held her and kissed her fair cheek,
And he turned once to say how he loved her,
But his lips would not open to speak.

Trembling she watched his departure,
And the tears flowed from her sad eyes,
She prayed that her daddy a soldier,
Would come home still healthy and alive.

Each month he wrote her a letter,
Which told her that all was so well,
But though the sweet words made her feel better
Her Daddy was living in Hell.

Month after month he did write her,
Each time with great love in his heart,
And she thanked God for keeping her father,
Safe while they were living apart.

With one Month left to serve his great nation,
In a war that was dirty and sad,
He was killed defending his station,
And the poor girl had lost her brave dad.

Her heart was shattered; tormented,
Her mind confused and irate,
Why was this foul war implemented?
Why did people harbour such hate?

She prayed to her God for her Father,
And asked him to keep him in peace,
And prayed that the people tried harder,
That all war in the great world would cease.