Colin F. Jones


I have not the faith here to stand,
Before my foe with empty hand,
I’m not so foolish or so brave,
I wish not to die nor be his slave.
I’d not stand and die without a fight,
For some so wrong for me so right,
For my duty is to guard my life,
My children and my loving wife,
My nation which provides for me,
And keeps its people safe and free.
My faith I guess begins at home,
Not in the little I do own,
But in the brothers by my side,
In those who serve; in those who died.

I accept that God might be in me,
That mostly He would disagree,
With things I think and things I write,
That I turn no cheek; I’d rather fight.
But all in all He knows I must,
Be who I am a man of trust,
Who seeks in life to find the truth,
Doubting ‘facts’ that have no proof.
He knows I know that hot is hot,
That cold is cold and not is not,
That dreams and prayers deflect not lead,
That soldier’s lives end not in bed,
And that I seek his mercy for,
The sick and dying plagued by war.