Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Ah Mother nature, the Mother of life,
But also of death and all its strife:
For in nature the endless wars go on,
Survival of the fittest for everyone.
She is the law she is the power,
Where some are bold and others cower.
She has no mercy is no one’s friend,
She is the beginning she is the end.
For while her glorious beauties bloom,
In the light of sun and silver moon
She perfumes her skin with deaths decay,
As children in her clutches play.
For savage is our Mother’s will,
Renewing life she yet will kill.

~ 2 ~

All creatures have a need to kill,
Not for the glory or for the thrill
Be it for country or the hive,
In the great long struggle to survive.
There will always be a rich and poor,
A rival knocking at every door,
A reason to settle a nagging score,
A reason for humans to go to war.
For we as Earthlings are designed,
As is a Tiger so well defined,
To hunt and kill and thus prevail,
Over those who by our needs do fail.
And while we search to win the war,
Contented, Nature licks her paw.