Colin F. Jones


So you stuck your toe into the water to see if it was cold;
For those who stepped into it often, thus the story told.
Did it numb your foot and leg or did your whole body freeze;
Did it make your toe blue, or did it rise to your knees?
When you claim compensation, do your demons disappear,
(Like the passing of the moment that terrified most of us with fear)
Cured by the paper bandages you wrap them in for gain
That have the miracle ingredients to take away your pain?
Yes we were all in the war zone though a hundred miles out to sea,
Or flying too high for missiles or just beyond the boundary tree
We all served as instructed and went where we were told,
And some men were truly heroes; some men were truly bold.
Most will never know truthfully if they would have cut and run,
Most will always regret not knowing, what they would have done.