Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Miscommunication is not really a very elegant word:
Though its meaning, to most folk, is really quite absurd,
Means communication was established but altered just a bit,
That with those receiving it, could not communicate with it;
That things went wrong entirely causing much abuse,
Giving rise to many reasons for its common use.
There is no lack of communication; as you can clearly see,
In fact there’s plenty of it, of that you must agree,
It is not the way its gathered but the way it is received,
For in the end it is the way communication is perceived.
It might be lacking quality it might be just a lie,
It might raise men to fame, and it might cause men to die.
Whatever! Miscommunication, at best is faulty truth,
Or unsubstantiated hearsay that communicates no proof

~ 2 ~

It was communication or it wasn’t on that we should decide.
Thus to claim miscommunication is to say somebody lied;
That the communication in its content was faulty or untrue,
Or favoured a deception deliberately affecting me and you;
Me and you being the people whose ears it was meant to cheat,
That an act of false communication might successfully repeat.
In darker times from darker minds created from the day,
When a simple miscommunication led to the worlds decay.
Oh, it may seem insignificant; a sleight of hand, no more,
And ill directed communication that led nations off to war.
But for those who die and perish who suffer pain and woe,
For them a miscommunication turned good friends into a foe,
Which divides us all forever though we are the very same,
For with a miscommunication there is no one to blame.

Submitted for the January 2007 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Miscommunication