Colin F. Jones


If you can challenge your own President,
Then I can challenge you,
And you can take it as a precedent,
That what I say is true,
For not only do you rat on him,
But also the English King,
Anything to suit your whim,
To help to do your thing.
Well I don’t have a President,
And definitely not a King,
But I do know who our leaders are,
They play Waltzing Matilda and I sing,
No matter what their politics are,
nor how sharp their opinions sting

I like our current leader
and if the other took the reins,
I’d still think he was a lunatic,
Without any brains
But if he sent our folks to war,
Though I might well disagree,
I would not raise a great uproar,
And choke upon my tea,
I try to vote him out next time,
But I’d stand an Aussie by his side,
For he’d do his best for me and mine,
And do it with great pride.
And all the days would be fine,
As more men for freedom died.