Colin F. Jones


You blokes who might be Muslim, whose beaches are so large,
And come from mighty cultures where Mohamed is in charge,
Don’t ever think we hate you for we hold you in respect,
For we share a common faithfulness that we could not reject.
And, just like you we worship a God who stands for peace,
That through our love and friendship hope hate and war will cease.
So many people suffer on both sides of the sea,
Who will only find their paradise when our countries do agree.
The common foe is evil; it resides in all our lands,
And we will only defeat it by the joining of our hands
Be it a terrorist or a tyrant, or an airborne virus foe,
A disease which seeks to kill us inside of us to grow,
If we all stand together to meet the common threat,
Them maybe, well just maybe we’ll love folk we’ve never met.