Colin F. Jones


To help a friend is you yourself to aid,
For to know his pain helps your own pain to fade
And while your thoughts dwell in such concern,
‘Tis he who will by his same thinking learn.
Are we not staffs to lean on me and you,
For is that not what true friends always do?
We came together wearing jungle green,
In that foul land that shattered youth’s fine dream.
The years have passed and we are older now,
Yet that deep bond remains inside somehow,
That ties our souls together until we die,
Because we are true comrades you and I.
For you friend, you know I’d give my all,
That I’ll come running if I hear you call

Colin Jones (left) with friend: Vietnam circa 1968
Colin Jones (left) with friend: Vietnam circa 1968
(Photograph ©Copyright 1968 by Colin F. Jones)