Colin F. Jones


What is mass destruction?
Is it killing more than two?
Or is a thousand more realistic,
or is that just a few?

What do words describe to you
that actions justify?
For the life of one terrorist
should a million people die?

Should we sit back and watch them,
building bigger bombs?
Or is better to let it happen
whenever that day comes?

Are the murderers of people
but the culling plants installed,
To keep the numbers balanced
or is this thought overruled?

Despite the given reasons,
what you may think is right,
the night brings us darkness,
and the daytime brings us light!

Despite when looking upwards,
You are really looking out,
We still say heaven is above us,
Without showing any doubt.

Why do you think the obvious,
To some is so hard to see,
Yet they so quick condemn,
Those who choose not to agree?

Why is it important to be right,
That all who disagree are wrong,
To gain the power of the light,
Must we to the switch belong.