Colin F. Jones


Who dies upon the battle field, dies a soldiers death;
He dies a man of value a man still full of breath.
He has fought and he has killed as is his duty to the end
And he does not need a reason a purpose to defend.
There are Soldiers, there are Warriors who all do their best
But few can be a Warrior for few can pass the test.
They may be seen as heroes but they are all simply men
Born, to risk their lives in war, then to do it all again.
They are special, these loyal soldiers who often die alone
That few, apart from family, know they’ve gone away from home.
You may not understand them but the nature of their role
Germinates inside the structure of their unrelenting soul.
And I agonize in knowing that such a man I’ll never be…
For from this aging existence I cannot tear my body free.