Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Where I have been you do not know,
Nor where I’m destined yet to go.
And few do care for in their thoughts
They dwell in their own lost resorts.
For each one has his own small place,
Be it ill famed or steeped in grace.
For some the road is wide and trim
While oft for others ‘tis long and thin;
And some do not have roads to walk,
And some are free and some can’t talk.
And while some see you as you are,
Most see themselves; they don’t look far,
For the last soul one soul ever knows
Stands there dressed in a stranger’s clothes.

~ 2 ~

With Euphrosyne he doth make his way,
With Nepenthean memory his rue to slay,
Towards his dream with a happy heart
Where his fruitless past can’t play a part.
And though still plagued by banal fools,
Reversing trend with stolen tools,
Who seek to be a tad more wise
Than he whose challenge they despise.
He still pursues with sagging wing,
Some pleasure from just anything:
Acceptance where none wanted him,
Where now he simply just walks in
To make the counterfeit and uncouth
Look at themselves and face the truth.

~ 3 ~

There is no hint of approbation here,
Just a guarded odium and inner fear.
And those who do not disappear
With reluctant smiles and pretentious ear
Remain to mock and chide behind
The thin charade of demented minds.
Where each in the other must confide…
For their roles are based on he who lied
And to retain the pedestal to which they cling
They all must now, the same song sing
And seek their glory as they betray
The truer face that they display,
With vilipendency and racist views,
That form in the wooden rows of pews.

~ 4 ~

And wars are fought because of this;
Most folk just wallowing in ignorant bliss
Who see no further than their nose
And stand up not on eager toes
For the claim of “radical” keeps them down;
For to rock the boat brings political frown.
And while their children die in war,
They do absolutely nothing at all.
For words like “God”, and “duty calls”,
Their hearts and minds with relish mauls
That those who stand and pray for peace
Are labelled traitors, or cowards at least,
For we were processed in our schools
To conform as obedient, reluctant fools.

~ 5 ~

The Aborigines were not even considered men
And the Indians were beasts without a pen.
Africans were useful as white man’s slaves;
Treated as dogs if they behaved.
The Jesuits pillaged the cultures of folk
And treated their beliefs as a bit of a joke.
The Anglicans and Catholics took over the lands,
Taking the children of Mothers into their hands,
Forcing them to learn the white mans ways;
Showing them how a lost culture decays.
The Catholics caused the Vietnam War;
In Yugoslavia they butchered each other and more.
And now we have terrorists so religiously mad
That we live in a world so terribly sad.

~ 6 ~

People argue the point over trivial things
While the war in Iraq more casualties brings.
Subservient to lies and political sham,
Subdued by the power of a very rich man
And his secret committees and actions unknown,
As he feeds to the public a trivial bone
To keep the debate going lest the people unite
And stand up for the peace and for what they think right.
I regret that my words here do not cajole
But are more harshly adapted to a critical roll.
For influenced by writers I know on this site,
I am more and more eager to expose what is right
By denouncing the lies and speculation without proof
In my quest to reveal the elusive nature of truth.