Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

I do have friends in America,
I served with in the war,
But though I love them dearly,
My true friends live next door.
Those men who served Australia,
Who stood beside me while we fought,
Men who’d never fail you,
In any situation caught.
It forms a bond long lasting,
That’s why I call them mate,
Born from an honest trusting,
To which all Australians can relate.
And that I guess is loyalty,
And something deeper mate.

~ 2 ~

Their monuments are invisible;
They are erected in our hearts,
From memories irreversible,
From where their faces can’t depart.
Their deeds are not known to you,
Nor the way they laughed and cried,
But they live inside the quiet few
Long after they have died.
They’re not there where the streamers,
Fly over the shining brass,
To decorate the dreamers,
With their blood stains as they pass;
Nor do they lie now buried …
Beneath the nations guilty grass.

~ 3 ~

Oh yes we will remember them,
Despite the pomp and hype,
Those who died in battle,
Men of every type.
We’ll remember them as brothers,
As they really were,
Known to their Dads and Mothers,
To comrade and to Sir.
But never will I view them,
As carrion for the crowd,
Stepping stones to acclaim,
Who drape them in a shroud;
Upon which to scribe ambitious name,
To make themselves look proud.

~ 4 ~

Oh fine are loyal soldiers,
who are loyal to themselves,
Who stand strong for those beside them,
When deep fear overwhelms.
Fine are loyal warriors,
Who for their brothers die,
For the love of waiting families,
Where their new born babies cry.
True are loyal comrades,
When their deep love extends,
Beyond the hype and accolades,
To dwell in the hearts of friends
Where loyalty is bonded,
By the enrichment that it sends.

Submitted for the July 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Loyalty