Colin F. Jones


Look at the false love; nettles disguised as flowers:
Look how the righteous creep where the truth cowers.
Look where the innocent die where warfare devourers,
Look where poverty and famine is – no responsibility of ours!
We don’t save them we kill them; force upon them our own good,
Upon nations and peoples by spilling their blood!
And Ah!! We cry mercy!! One of our soldiers is dead.
We bury him with honours with a bullet in his head
And pray over his casket to an indifferent God…
Then back to the battlefield through the bullshit we plod.
And we argue and fight over what we don’t know,
We wasted old veterans with no seeds left to sow,
Like those who went before us with faith in their brains,
We still grope through our doubts ignoring the stains.