Colin F. Jones


Part 1: Alabama Liberty

When they linked hands in Montgomery,
A great message passed on through,
That the greatest love is Liberty,
That the truth is always true.
The Devil’s swineherd gathered
But the Lord addressed them there,
That the racist will was shattered,
By the tide of proud despair.
The human rights established,
By a fine and noble race,
Showed the world that only Liberty
Has a proud and honest face.
…… that all Gods down-trod people,
Reap love from ill disgrace

Part 2: The Montgomery Principle

Stand beside me brother,
Though folk our pride offend,
Make peace with one another,
‘Cause it’s love that we defend.
Stand firm my friend my brother,
Be strong and God will send,
New glories to discover,
More goodness to extend,
To those who scorn our Mother,
Who would our jugglers rend,
Our Liberties would smother,
And our hearts never mend…
Stand up, stand up my brother!
For Liberty is our friend.

Part 3: Stand Firm, Brother

I stand here beat and battered,
But as a man I stand,
‘Cause as a man it matters,
If I is seen as something grand.
I don’t hate them fools, who taunt us,
Though there’s lots of hate in them,
I just trust in God and brotherhood,
Knowing Liberty will win.
You can’t change these folk by fighting,
‘Cause its courage they demand,
They’ll come to know their defects,
When you refuse to raise your hand,
And subdued by your divineness,
Begin to understand.

Submitted for the May 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Liberty