Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

I do not mind you bouncing off my words;
To make a point you’ve every right to do.
But when you alter meaning that it serves
Your argument to deface my honest view,
Then I am less respectful of your verse
For then it mocks the ethics of your claim
That I’d withdraw my stage from your rehearse
Losing that which I’d want to retain.
It is your right, of course, to speak your thoughts
And mine to have my lines properly read.
Yet you deny yourself with such retorts
The eloquence of the truth still in your head.
For one should always practice what they preach
Or be silenced by the ethics that they breach.

~ 2 ~

I sailed so long ago from your quaint shore
That almost to my childhood I go back;
In order to such innocent thought restore
When I thought an Angel rested on my back.
I learnt of God in all those splendid times
And spoke to him in prayer and trusting voice.
I wrote of love in my sacred rhymes
And never questioned then the lack of choice.
My mother taught me faith and what it meant,
But always in my God and not myself.
I knew not who this God was but I went
To church to praise him for our better health…
And Sunday school and scripture was my gain
For as God’s student top marks I attained.

~ 3 ~

We prayed a lot for all those in the war
But all that did was let them know we cared.
It saved no lives and no ills did cure;
From the bombs children we were not spared.
It was people, who stood up and gave us hope;
People with the will to see it through.
People dressed as soldiers who did cope
And sacrificed themselves for what was true.
Their faith in one another set us free,
Gave us hope that a future was in sight;
A future carved by man for God to see
That when he made a man he got it right.
For faith in God is the faith man has in man
Or yet we stumble back where we began.