Colin F. Jones


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: Awarded: November 7, 2004
Awarded: Awarded: November 7, 2004
~ 1 ~

The ecstasy! The elation! As I saw him die,
Wow! What a thrill!! Wow, what a high!
To see his head explode like that!!
Wow!! Ya should have seen it go splat!!
I don’t feel regret. Do you think I should?
Hell I was shocked by all that blood,
But I don’t feel sad for the guy who died,
Well he was there, and I just fired.
Well it was me, or him, he had a gun,
He was laughing, as though it was all fun…
I got him though right through the head,
I got him and sure enough he’s dead.
Wow I’m wound up now that’s for sure,
I could even get to like this war.

~ 2 ~

They took two guys out last night you know,
Tough guys these nogs; a worthy foe,
I don’t see their faces anymore,
We shoot the bodies; just making sure.
They hit us hard the other night,
It was a hard and bloody messy fight:
I kept my head down for most of it,
While the choppers did their darnedest bit.
Got some mail from you today,
I missed your seventeenth birthday hey?
But I’ll be there for it next year,
So keep the fridge stocked up with beer.
I gotta go mate… for duty calls,
Say hello to Mum… and all the girls!

~ 3 ~

A few more weeks then home we go,
I want to go; then I don’t you know,
Billy died the other day; and Sam,
This is a rotten place this Vietnam.
I shake all night with bloody fear,
As the time to go home is drawing near,
So many die in those last few weeks,
… and this hoochie mate, is full of leaks…
Hell you ain’t never seen rain like this:
This monsoonal stuff… as thick as piss,
And the mud is black and stinks like Hell,
And sticks to your boots like shit as well.
See you Bro, and you be good,
And treat dear Mum as a good son should.

~ 4 ~

Decided to take another term,
Got a few more medals yet to earn,
And anyway there’s naught at home,
I just argue all the time and moan,
And well… my mates are over here you know,
You remember Smik, and… Steve and Snow.
Larry went home he lost a limb,
And Dean, well… that was the end of him,
We’ve lost some blokes to bluddy mines
They don’t fight fair these noggy swines.
And Pete… well Pete was my best mate,
We got him out but it was too late.
So Bro I’ll see you mate, when I get back,
Right now I gotta hit the sack.

~ 5 ~

I think my brother meant to die,
Though he was just your average guy.
He didn’t even want to join;
He did it on the toss of a coin…
He made me swear that I would not go,
When I was old enough, you know,
But well the rage I feel inside,
Has given me the courage to decide,
That, well, I want to be a soldier too,
Because I wanna find out if it is true,
What he told me about his mates out there,
For whom he died because they cared.
They cared for one another to a man;
Find a better reason than that… if you can!