Colin F. Jones


Let us talk of war, that flags and nations we do praise
As we resurrect the sacrificed, from histories ancient days.
Let us monumentalise our heroes – set them up in marble stone
In misty parks and sad graveyards of earthen mounds and bone.
Let us raise the ghosts of battlefields, reinvent the cannons roar,
Kneel before the cenotaphs; thoughts of death and screams restore.
Let us force our minds to think again, of the comrades we have lost,
Let us never let ourselves be free from such an awful cost.
For they did not die that we could live in freedom and in peace,
They surely died that we could still, the pain of it increase.
So every year let us respond to the bugle call’s sad wail
And remember very carefully, every sordid ill detail…
For then we can be something, that our dead comrades now cannot,
Living relics of the endless wars, wishing it was we who were shot.

This poem inspired the response, “We Must Talk” – ©Copyright December 12, 2005 by Robin Amy Bass