Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Let us dream that our dreams come true
and wish that everything we do
might bring another happiness,
or bring them peace and sweet success
through life’s delightful loving ways;
blessed with the magic such thought portrays
in the delightful enchantment of wonderment,
that splendiferous dreams do compliment;
that live in every persons mind,
oblique to some and ill-defined…
And yet to all who seek their dream,
there is a tranquil peaceful scene
where love denies the constant pain
that cruel reality must retain.

~ 2 ~

Let us dream that tomorrow brings
us sweeter thoughts and better things;
that the peoples of the world unite
to seek to share and not to fight;
that understanding might prevail;
that the owl mocks not the simple quail,
and all the guns rust in their moulds
and the minds of men sweet love enfolds.
For though it might be just a dream,
‘tis a moment when our hearts serene
can know a moment of true peace;
that for that moment all hate doth cease
and we can know a paradise…
and return again to know it twice.