Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

“You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink,”
was a statement made by someone to make another think.
Someone must lead the battle and if killed then someone new
takes over that same mission with a slightly different view.
You can’t stop the flying bullets; you cannot think you’re God;
you are just another soldier and if lost they onward plod
towards the foe without you for death ended all your worth;
all your future contributions will not be made upon this Earth.
Soldiers do not die for you sir; they die because they’re killed
while waging war in battle for which they’re trained and skilled.
Each rank has its importance and each leadership a role;
an ingredient of the greater plot – an ingredient of the whole.
Thus promote not your importance by grieving for the dead
who have the right to lie at peace and not live inside your head.

~ 2 ~

You cannot wear a badge of guilt for every man who died
because you gave them orders, and with their lives they replied.
The Sergeant Major who trained you and pushed you through the trials,
and a hundred thousand others as all those units he compiled,
how could he bare his conscience if he believed like you,
that every soldier that he trained died because he told them what to do?
We justify our actions by the trust and ranks we wear
because we do our best to do our best when there’s chaos everywhere,
We send men into battle because that is what we are trained to do
and someone else of higher rank sends you to battle too.
Let us then remember that when we fight the foe,
we do it all together and for each other don’t you know,
This ain’t a one-man army we train and fight war as a team,
and being faithful to each other we keep alive the dream.