Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

I do not make this decision all alone,
For though I have possession of the throne,
‘Tis all those gathered round my palace walls,
On which the final decision always falls:
The People… who elect me at their will?
To do their bidding be it good and ill,
The people – yes… condone what I do,
For it is never done for the feeble few,
But for the freedoms of the greater score,
For which I raise the flag and wage their war.
Thus victory saves me as a loss destroys,
For I am the right or fault who deploys,
The soldiers of our nation in the field,
Who yet to what the people want must yield.

~ 2 ~

We elect our leader that he serves his term,
And while he reigns we should then confirm,
That he doth speak for those who gave him power,
Who must in faith defend his ruling hour.
He is our leader for we have made it so,
And now with him we’ are obliged to go,
Lest we are traitors to our way of law,
And to ourselves when we go off to war.
Those who were opposed but lost their choice,
Should in good faith raise for him their voice,
And not condemn with spite the leaders view,
As they would have their rivals also do.
Together we must stand or lose our way,
Until the time is right to have our say.