Colin F. Jones


There was gunfire in the valley
Where good people used to live
Where they gathered there to rally
Prayed the Lord sweet peace to give
But the cannons kept on booming
And the houses burnt and fell
The dark clouds they were looming
The church steeple lost its bell
Soldiers lay there dying
Famished people looking on
All the children stood there crying
Their fathers dead and gone

The flames of hell were rising
From the cordite dust and smoke
While the world was criticising
The whole thing as a joke
The streams ran brown and crimson
And the soil was turned to red
And none could see the reason
Why so many folk lay dead
For war seems not to lengthen
The prayed for final peace
Nor does it ever strengthen
The hope that it will cease

Good friends, try not to argue
Try not to form a frown
Be fair when you do bargain
Never put another down
Judge not those with opinion
With an opinion of your own
For if you judge the thoughts of others
You’ll reap the seeds you’ve sown
In all bow down to kindness
For kindness brings us joys
Leads all the world from blindness
And the seeds of wrath destroys

For you see the war was started
By that group over there
That this group was outsmarted
‘Cause they did not want to share
So the leaders got together
To define each other’s thoughts
But none were very clever
Vulgarizing their retorts
So a gun fired in the vale
Though it was an empty shell
It caused the talks to fail
And the peace was gone as well