Colin F. Jones


Lie still mate! No! Don’t move!
It’s ok mate, the medics on his way!
Shit!… No don’t move mate;
That was just one gone astray!

Billy! BILLY!… hell you scared me mate,
Here have a cigarette!
You’re dying for smoke mate,
I’ll bet!…

I can hear the chopper coming,
What a bloody lovely sound,
Them blades still a whirring,
As it settles on the ground…

Over here! Hey! Hey over here!
Oh thank God you’re here at last,
This here’s my mate Billy,
He caught a mortar blast…!

Hey steady mate, go steady…
He’s hurt can’t you see?
He’s smoked his smoke already,
Maybe you should leave him be…

Sorry mate… he’s gone mate,
Billy he has died…
Hey no!! Take is easy mate;
You did your best… you tried.

I didn’t hear the Dust-off go,
I didn’t hear the shot,
Billy I am coming mate…