Colin F. Jones



Do we really have time to argue?
To oppose one another’s thoughts
There is no purpose for I like you,
Wish for the comfort of tranquil resorts.
We all need to open a valve,
To get rid of the built up steam,
That it all blows away in the wind,
To leave us happily living our dream.
Life is perpetually passing us by,
Time is everyone’s victorious foe,
For in the end all of us die,
Though we may have many more seeds to sew,
For we cannot stop time passing by,
… and really, what is it we know?


Oh so many have died in distress,
Many have suffered for no reason at all,
So many reeling as they try to impress,
Only to wither away as they fall.
Yet none of it matters in fact,
The sun still rises each day in the sky,
The seasons changing every mountain and tract,
Though we are constantly questioning why?
We seem never to accept that time,
Is but a moment instantly gone,
Captured in some poor poets rhyme,
Like a lost beam of light that once shone.
No we do not have time to contend,
For it makes not, but loses a friend.