Colin F. Jones



What is the logical case for evolution?
Some attribute the process bourn by nature to God,
That it was the way he created the Earth,
For tis claimed he constructed us all from the sod.
There is no evidence to support such a theory,
Though regardless, the possibility exists,
And while religion pumps air into the story,
The idea of the suggestion will always persist.
In fact there are no facts supporting beliefs,
For how life transpired in reality is unknown,
For it depends on the origins of seeds
And how the first flower was actually grown.
For man and woman it depends on their needs,
As they conform to the rules of their own.


Some except evolution as derived from creation,
Others that Creation is a religious word;
That the obvious culture of Inter-relation,
Is like the wings that give flight to the bird.
But it is all speculation and dreaming,
No belief is based on truth nor on facts,
It’s all based on losses and grieving,
Selfish desire and miraculous acts.
Based on unfulfilled promises for each generation,
Fear of the mystery when life’s end transpires,
The corrupting of infant minds for retention,
Of beliefs they may not have otherwise desired.
The human world is a very false place
That will lead to its own demise and disgrace?


When you teach a child to look and to think,
To touch and to feel and to smell,
You are clothing her in a garment distinct,
From those making a garment to sell.
To watch as a tree struggles to grow,
Without picturing the coffin it makes,
For bodies bring good profit you know,
Though most of the coffins are fakes.
Is to learn that to bend with the breeze,
Define a footfall by its depth and its shape,
To note the wear at the cap of the knees,
Is a truth providing a wondrous escape,
Into the natural world of the wise,
Who can see because they open both eyes.



False promise leads us to expect rewards,
Leading to disappointment and to pain,
Replacing bunches of flowers with swords,
And true love with temporary gain.
False expectation derived from the promise
That was a promise not truthfully made,
Is expectation formed from the Premise,
That there is light when there is only shade.
We expect at dusk to see the sundown,
And in the morning we anticipate dawn,
We respond to the smile or the frown,
As we do to sunshine and storm.
But often when we look into the sun,
We don’t see the invisible gun.


We venture boldly into the turbulent flood
Emerging to leave our courage behind
As we enter what we think might be good,
Realizing that we entered it blind.
On truth so much expectation depends,
On the sincerity of promise and pledge,
But the fearful liar a false message sends,
Leading us to a precarious edge.
Where we totter in confusion and pain,
Disbelieving astonished and pitiful,
Distressed and utterly slain.
Distorted, depressed and dysfunctional,
From which we never emerge, the same,
Vowing never again to share anything personal.