Colin F. Jones


A Brief Interlude


When you ask to join a party by personal request,
And you receive an invitation from the host,
You wonder why the answer did not come as a yes,
But as a subtle methodology called a boast.
For you just want to be a member due to your own desire,
Without being subservient to the invitation of another ,
But some need to have authority over what they require,
Lest the member any weaknesses discover.
It is really childish stuff that when grown men disagree,
That the host uses his authority to win the point,
Then follows up with nonsense not even he believes,
As he gets himself all confused and out of joint.
Some folk push their morals into another person’s face
Then get angry when you get up and leave the place.


This man me, runs from no one, never has and never will,
Regardless of spiteful rhetoric and the lie,
From those making mileage with their childish overkill,
As for more important reason’s I have to say goodbye.
When you lay down your shield always someone is there,
Who will attack you through the audience he can rouse,
To witness his bravado as he swipes at empty air;
That would convince no one with what he had espoused.
Even so, if it is someone whom you think is a friend,
And understands the method of your curious way,
It is never a nice feeling when he chooses to offend,
And belittles in your absence what you say.
But you know unlike a Christian, true forgiveness I extend,
As I go nonchalantly meandering on my way.