Colin F. Jones



Everywhere, we look for God, but find only a human messiah,
We cloak with hope, that he will save, us all from our own mire
But politicians were never Gods they are manipulated creatures,
Who promise to mop up all the sobs and not preach like other preacher’s.
It is more about their personal fame and whose money buys their soul,
For Presidents and Popes alike seek not with truth the people’s goal.
They talk a lot, and travel a lot, and promise to give what they can’t give,
But people believe the fluent tongue that promises to improve the way they live.
They do not want to hear the truth so the leaders tell them lies,
That in the end when things go wrong, the great Messiah they despise.
For people want all they can get as cheaply as they can get it,
Which is hard for any President to do so he says he never said it,
When he can’t deliver up the goods as he would have the people think,
That soon enough his sudden rise to fame, as rapidly begins to sink.


One President sent his troops to war condoned by his peoples will,
But the people soon turned on him when they found the foe could kill.
It’s happened many times before when a country idolizes its own power,
But discovers that it is, its own soul, it has chosen to devour.
The empire wobbles in the wind its strides are far too long,
As the internal rot that staggered Rome through city streets blows strong.
How blind eyes are that from fat cheeks can’t see its feet for stomach,
It is like two sweet people having sex standing upright in a hammock.
Why have we lost our way like this, indeed has it happened before,
How many great cultures have passed away lost in the smoke of time and war.
A thousand cultures destitute wait with patience in the wings,
Waiting for the great event that always comes and changes things.
Who will survive; the fat and famous, those with the most to lend,
Or will it be the humble and proud who have nothing left to spend.

I have often wondered how it came to be that my pay cheque is not payable directly to me, but to a bank, even though I may not want a bank account; where that bank can legally charge me a fee for “looking after” my account, and even for drawing money from it. It has long amused me that people rejoice in the false belief that we live in a free society. For many decades banks have been shoving money into our faces, drawing people into massive unpayable debts via bank cards and then offering them a loan which would include the money they owe their bank cards thus seemingly letting them off the hook, but actually extending their time to pay off the debt at a lowered fee, but at a greater interest cost over time.


I can live on wild fruit tis true, I don’t think my banker can,
I do not need to wear a suit to prove myself a man.
I don’t need a car I have two legs as old as I might be,
Though I wear specs to read a book without them I can see.
What is it that you think I need, what is it that you can give,
Your friendship I’ll accept good man but without I can live.
What is it that I need from you; your money you can keep,
It will do to line your mattress with when you find you cannot sleep.
I don’t need a line and rod to fish, nor a gun to kill a beast;
I don’t need to work that you can eat, to enjoy a greedy feast.
So what the hell can you give, what when your bank is shut?
It seems you don’t have much at all except a bulging gut.
It seems, to me that you, are nothing without the likes of me,
So how come it’s you dictating terms and charging me a fee.


So our Gods have failed, our quaint beliefs haven’t served us true,
The overflowing river of golden coin, with smoke went up the flue.
So now a new world order is perceived to be the way to go,
Since Jesus has failed to return to dam the golden rivers flow.
The internet has intervened for the people around the globe,
Are voicing what they think of things all in cyber mode.
Is the answer a central government with reps from all countries on the earth,
Arguing over human rights and how to control the rate of birth?
Imagine all the Catholics trying to ban the Chinese way and will,
As they tried to ban the other thing, the contraceptive pill.
And who would be a hangman where capital punishment was not the law,
And would they abandon religions and all reasons to make war.
Greater fairy tales have been written as the fearful carefully tread,
For it is a time of great conjecture, about who will surge ahead.


Even little Prime Minister Rudd, strutting about, and babbling on,
With self important little gestures that mean nothing when all’s said and done.
A follower and pretender – actually a nasty little man
Who hides behind a smile that he uses for his elegant sham.
But he has the young folk fooled who can’t see beyond their nose,
It was the voting of the religious young from which to power he rose.
He believes we should go into the debt the previous government dragged it from,
So the future looks exciting and for some should be fun.
Oh I can’t wait to receive the hand outs another nine hundred yet to come,
I already got two thousand which is no small nor meagre sum.
You can keep buying me Prime Minister just let the money flow,
But remember what they say: you will reap only what you sow
Because we know our kids will pay it back when you tax them later on,
By then you’ll have reduced our pride to naught and resistance will be gone.


Has America lost its way, will its culture be destroyed,
Can it rise from its demise can it overcome the unemployed.
Can it buy itself to freedom can it afford to pay for a man to try,
To reach the oval office who does not have millions to apply.
Will we see the rise of China is it India’s turn to rule,
Will we forget about Afghanistan when North Korea becomes a fool.
Will the idiot ruling Russia change his ways and make amends,
From these things the world will suffer on these things the world depends.
The great nation of America has overcome great things before,
Has battled through depression and more than one depressing war.
It has miraculous recovery abilities and a people strong and true,
So I think not that it will fail but it must change its point of view.
Will Obama be successful, I don’t think it matters much,
Presidents are a dime a dozen though it takes millions to prove it such.


The electing of a candidate who wants to be President of the states,
Is a long drawn out performance just to find out who relates.
It cost billions of dollars for a party to choose the one
Who is going to represent them when all the cost and hype is done.
They run against each other just to choose the candidate,
Tis like brother fighting brother on the same side of the debate.
It is an extreme and wasteful process just to choose the captain of the ship,
When it could be done by the party to choose who should take the leadership.
It is big on hype on posture; on rehearsal and backroom bribe,
A complicated system that seems an unnecessary ride.
It seems who raises the most money is sure to win the game,
And what is printed in the media seems to influence the gain,
For it is a land where media people seem to lord it over all,
Though most are without conscience caring not for fair or fall.


For everything is about money in the great U.S .of A,
Lots and lots of money the people can no longer pay.
It is not about progress in education or in health,
It’s just about making money, increasing some banker's wealth.
It’s about lying and corruption leading good folk astray,
Lending people money who can’t meet the debt to pay,
Offering credit cards well knowing they will be abused,
Offering amounts of money that should have been refused.
You can’t take it with you, if you do they’ll dig you out,
Then charge those left behind for the hoe and the light,
For they won’t do it in the daylight for everyone to see,
That would simply be out of form; surly you all agree. (g)
But it is the same here in my country where we copy Americas best,
But keep this information I tell you close to your chest.


In politics and religion we can always find debate,
For both institutions use the same old bullshit to relate,
What it is they’d have you think without applying any thought,
Like, what they tell you may be wrong, or something of the sort.
You are supposed to accept their word; not question what they say,
For after all it could not be true that there is another way.
We sing our anthems at our schools mostly every day,
For this is how they brainwash us to ensure patriotic way.
It is not needed lest they think you may not quite agree,
With all the hype and waving flags that on special days we see.
In this same way we are taught to sing our religious hymns and pray,
For we are taught to think and speak in a conforming sort of way.
We are not taught to use our minds as we might want to do,
For then we might distort the claimed correct and proper view.


Who says there is a God; who says the planet warms,
Do you know or don’t you know what causes thunder storms.
I know that thunder storms are fact; is the planet warming true;
If the Christian God does not exist, what the hell will we all do?
You know the world is changing fast; faster than you might think;
The new world order threatens God; religious civilization is on the brink.
There comes the concept of the bee, two opposites with this agreed,
The Catholic Church supports the view as does communism creed.
Is this the answer the strict control of peoples by the central state;
Neither Communism nor the church have avoided failure to this date.
For neither one has worked to make the world a better place,
So where do we look for the peace of mind that stares us in the face.
Do we swallow our pride admit the truth and seek it from where it is,
I guess not quite yet, but time will pass, until again we it go amiss.