Colin F. Jones


Some do reason and favourably compare themselves,
With others who might challenge who they are,
To spite them with a tongue that oft compels,
Their truer part to emerge from where it dwells.
That it is thus the closer truth doth come,
That greater fear produced than that of fact,
Leaves their case wide open and undone,
That some might not be blinded by their act.
To poke and prod the viper until it strikes,
Is the most perfect way to reveal its toxic bite,
That though it poses as a truth one likes,
By its reaction brings real self to light.
Make no mistake we all pretend you know,
For our real self is our greatest foe.

Tis a fool who has no fear, or who thinks it so,
Fear is the shield that deflects the lethal round,
It is the emotion that reveals a man’s true foe,
And that true foe by many is never found.
We can believe that fear has passed us by,
When we discover things that have no threat,
But things to fear are oft hidden from the eye,
And some things to fear we have not truly met.
Sometimes we fear when it should not be so,
When we have not experienced some things before,
Tis then we need the confidence and courage to go;
March foolishly and confidently into the flames of war.
Young men respond so well to favourable boast
And to propaganda from their patriotic host.