Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

I am the man God created, am I not,
From a seed he planted in Earths cruel plot.
I am just a soldier, not the O.I.C.;
For I am one while he is three.
I did not ask to be born you know,
Nor choose the place where I might grow,
Though I was probably lucky to be,
Born quite pink and you must agree,
For what I observe being born black,
Is a disadvantage that I seem to lack,
Though being different I understand,
The defects designed by God’s white hand,
That causes racist thoughts to be,
Ingrained in most who look like me.

~ 2 ~

When I read that we all fought for God,
On some foreign shore or foreign sod,
I realize why bull shit smells so foul,
And why the truth makes most folk scowl.
We fought the commies did we not?
And that we know was a lot of rot
Because we gave our lives for a corrupt regime,
Who used God to promote a war machine
Which just marked out time in Vietnam
While God and State kept up the sham,
And soldiers died in manacled despair,
Without an Angel anywhere…
Just Devils where God was supposed to be,
And promises that we would all be free.

~ 3 ~

I guess we soldiers who did survive,
Thank God that we are still alive,
For surely it was none but he,
Who kept the bullets away from me.
That’s because I’m special, don’t you know,
Those other blokes… well, so and so…
Else he didn’t want my ass up there,
‘Cause he didn’t have no room to spare.
For folk like me who think he’s great,
Must be preserved for histories sake,
Though it’s puzzling why young Johnny died,
Who said that God was at his side,
Perhaps instead of right up front,
To shield his worshiper from the brunt

~ 4 ~

The saviours of our lives and style,
Are those who fight against the vile,
Who sacrifice their lives that all,
Can live in peace forever more.
None are Angles, none are God,
Just soldiers shedding real blood,
Doing their duty, is what it’s called,
Carrying out orders although appalled,
By the actions of their own free will,
To rise against a foe and kill.
For most of them think they are right,
And if it’s for their God they fight,
They do it forgetful of his might,
For none need defend an immortal light.