Colin F. Jones


Colin F. Jones: Just a Hole… Please
Bush Dawn, Australia
I served a mere six years in the Army, and fortunately three of them overseas. I was 30 when I got out and spent many years thereafter exploring the rivers of this state, and either driving my 4x4 around the mountains or riding my Honda 250cc, into the wilderness areas. I used to see (and still do) our wonderful Wedge Tailed Eagle out there, but also feeding from the dead carcasses of wallabies alongside the road. I used to climb up the sandstone cliffs and find a ledge from where I could watch them.

There was never anyone else out there… just me and all that was nature. Sometimes I would sit high up looking down at the lights of the towns far below, smiling to myself as I visualized all the events that were occurring down there – the noise the traffic, the booze, the arguments… etc……; while up there all there was, was the wind in my face, a feeling of fabulous joy, and an appreciation of what it was like to be alone.

I always felt that “for this I could die… for it is this that which I love”. My spirit is not down there among the glittering lights, but up here where the Eagles fly.

I have always had the thought that when I die I would like it to be up here somewhere in the forest… all alone, never to be found… If not, I’d like to die as a soldier for then I would have had a reason for living… life will have had a purpose, for men were not made to die in bed old and withered.

Well I will not die on a battle field but I will die as a soldier; they will drape a flag over my coffin… although I don’t really want a coffin… just a hole to hide in.

… Sorry… I’m rambling…