Colin F. Jones


Joe was a sailor from the Korean War,
One of two men living in the ward.
He had TB, an active deadly sword;
Tom, the other, was sick and very bored.
Joe had special plates and a special cup
And was treated like a Leper of the past.
For him, ‘twas like a jail from the moment he got up.
And I was rendered shocked and so aghast
I took him up to Repat through the city street
And handed him a few bob for an ale.
He’d never seen his pension since he went to Foster Street
So I reckon he was eager for a pail.
When we returned I saw the joy in Joe,
So after that, the Repat was the go.

Author’s Note: Joe in fact did not have active TB as was incorrectly thought, and after 7 years living in the TB ward he was released. He walked out the door with his Navy kitbag into a very different world. I do not know what became of him.