Colin F. Jones


I have been and seen forums based on this place,
Almost copied, but lacking our spirit and grace,
For here politics and religion are freely expressed,
Without political endeavours and religious conquests,
Into the realms of hate, disrespect and false blame,
For here we honour each other and those we might name.
We are poets and writers and have a great deal to say,
But to criticize leaders and others is just not the way,
For it leads to foul argument, intense emotional debate,
Which would spoil our tranquillity; our rare eloquent state,
For we are a family of poets and veterans and friends,
On our respect for each other our longevity depends;
You can sit in the shadows and hide from us all,
Or you can make yourselves known to enjoy what befalls.

Author’s Note: Inspired the poem and the commentary, “Arms Bared…” - ©Copyright September 20, 2008 by Nancy L. Meek