Colin F. Jones


International War Veterans Poetry Archives (IWVPA)Well I came here invited, to write a verse or two;
I had not written about war; to me it was taboo
But there seemed a need to write about my desperate inner pain
That I thought was only mine as none seemed to complain.
But when I started writing I found it very hard to cease;
The words poured from my keyboard and continued to increase.
People saw themselves in what I wrote, so I wrote them some more
And soon we were sharing what we felt about the war.
Soon we were a family of understanding friends
All seeking to discover and implement new trends
That might help us to freedom from the dungeons of our minds
From the turmoils of our conscience where guilt and anger grinds.
And we still share that purpose and I know it works for me,
And by those other smiling faces I guess the rest of them agree.

Submitted for the March 2006 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “What IWVPA Means to Me