Colin F. Jones


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: September 17, 2005
Awarded: September 17, 2005
~ 1 ~

I could whine about our poverty,
I could let it run my life;
I could whine about depravity
And lots of other strife.

~ 2 ~

I could whine about the wild fire
That burnt our house to dust;
Or the floods that swept our life away
And our accident is a must.

~ 3 ~

I could rant and rave forever
About all that has gone wrong,
And even blame the Government
In a moaning, wailing song…

~ 4

But I guess no one would pay me
If I chose these things to do.
So I think I’ll become a soldier
And wait there in the queue.

~ 5 ~

Because their whinging lasts forever,
Be it crap or be it true,
And some are very clever,
The way they use their rue.

~ 6 ~

To con their way with sympathy
Into the hearts of those who care,
Who are willing to believe the lie
That they are needed to be there,

~ 7 ~

To be used as a punching ball
Or a target for abuse,
They do not have the right at all
To use PTSD as their excuse.

~ 8 ~

So listen up you veterans,
All this trouble that you make
Did not come from Vietnam,
Of that make no mistake.

~ 9 ~

You are just the same self ravers
That you were before you went.
There’s no excuse for such behaviours
When to hurt someone is meant.

~ 10 ~

You give the troubled veteran
A name he does not need.
For most of us, I tell you,
Are a proud and noble breed

~ 11 ~

And yes we all do suffer,
Who were in the battle fray,
And we will carry it forever
As we still carry it today.

~ 12 ~

But we still have many choices
To admire or regret
And can still use our voices
With a tone that folk respect.

~ 13 ~

We can think about our brothers
And about our sisters too;
And love to death our Mothers
And our wives so good and true.

~ 14 ~

But if you want to be a moron
Then a moron you can be;
But don’t blame your indigestion
On the likes of her and me.

~ 15 ~

Just try to think of others
And forget your bloody selves,
For no man can recover
When in himself he dwells.

~ 16 ~

Some got lucky and were wasted
And died as soldiers do.
Now it’s up to us to show them
That our lives are not wasted too.