Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Where is the threat from whence will it come,
Iraq has no bomb, nor a big enough gun
It is a flea to the elephant of the United States,
Perhaps though a Rhinoceros that America creates.
The dictator is dead; why then the war?
To create a good neighbour with oil in store
Or to gain military permanence occupying land;
Strategically positive though it’s a desert of sand.
Yet is it an error that can’t be conceived,
Or a deliberate invasion; the people deceived.
No matter the reason Iraq is a mess,
Things are still happening they failed to address.
People are dying and Mothers do weep,
While the powers that be fitfully sleep.

~ 2 ~

A civil war is needed to settle their claims,
To elect into Government whoever remains
If they can’t help themselves then let them be,
They will never be united thus never be free.
Why sacrifice our children for the impossible dream
That is testing our nation to the widest extreme.
Tis a strategic invasion to apply a military wedge,
In the centre of the world where soldiers will pledge,
To uphold American values the defence of the state,
Against terrorist elements anger and hate.
The spread of the Neo con; democracy forced,
Republican ambition by democrats endorsed.
That power the master of tomorrow is formed,
From the rubble and confusion of the sick and deformed

~ 3 ~

Oil was just a part of the invasion carefully planned;
It was an intended attack on a scale quite grand.
It was the weak point in the line of Arab states,
Nothing will come to the one who stands and waits.
Saddam Hussein was a pawn in the ultimate game,
Iraq a strategic stepping stone for middle earth gain,
For the American Octopus looking for space,
In the invisible struggle to control the human race.
Is China part of the equation seeking to spread;
Even the interests of Russia; in Iran are not dead.
The centre of the board is where there must be control,
For from the centre the tentacles cover the whole.
For the mighty must yet be much mightier still,
In order to squander the demands of the citizens will.
~ 4 ~

It is oil we want; but it is oil we don’t need
From the sands of Iraq where we are planting our seed.
It lies beyond those sand hills much further away,
The oil we will need for which we must stay.
We must link up with Israel Afghanistan as well,
Though our soldiers are killed or put through some Hell.
For the long term; the future; in the decades to come,
We will appreciate the work that in Iraq we have done.
We don’t care if they don’t like us it is respect that we crave,
For the people will stand up to honour the brave.
The warriors we lose will be few but will be,
Used to establish our strong will to be free,
For the right words will be used, like liberty and God,
Creating patriotic fervour over the sacrificial sod.

~ 5 ~

It was a nation so weak that Iran growing strong,
Might well seek invasion that to it would belong.
In the south Saudi Arabia the silent rich power,
To the west, Jordon and Syria pledging Israel to devour,
In the crunch there is Lebanon but Afghanistan the key,
The fundament of vision that the intellectuals can see,
Hides from the news rooms as the Iraq war is fought,
Though the reasons for both the truth would distort.
So we believe what we read and believe what we hear,
Depending on which side of politics we revere,
Yet none of the rhetoric seems to fit where it should,
Mostly written in sadness and written in blood.
For it seems we are destined to enforce military power,
Lest we become a lost grave by history devoured

~ 6 ~

What is a president in the whole scheme of things,
Elected by dollars and hocked diamond rings,
Controlled by the people who sit ‘round his chair,
He has ice in his veins and fire in his stare.
Damned if he does nothing and damned if he do:
He has something to prove to himself; not to you.
He is acclaimed as the greatest if his smile is right,
But written off by the people if he abuses his might
So he appoints the advisors in agreement with him,
That he can cover with love the perpetual sin.
So long as liberty and God are in the rhetoric he speaks,
He can lie he can cheat for the ambition he seeks.
The world sees a country by the actions it takes;
When one President is gone a new one awakes.

~ 7 ~

So what are soldiers are they not murderers all,
Who kill for their masters in the Capital Hall,
Who destroy everything that gets in their way,
Always doing the opposite to what they say.
When the killing is done they go home to cry,
They thought only the foe was going to die.
Leaving families in grief in bloodied streets,
For they have nowhere to go; they cannot retreat.
As they shelter their children from gunfire and slaughter,
From the exploding bombs; and muddy red water.
Yes are they not murderers who ruthlessly kill,
To satisfy their god in the white house on the hill.
They shall be plagued by demons for the damage they do
and some will grow old with a different view.

~ 8 ~

They build new government buildings and offices grand,
But no houses are built for those out on the sand.
The dozers are there but work not in the streets,
Except in the green zone where all the gardens are neat.
They say the Iraqis are too slow to rise from their fear,
That its time they moved up to a much higher gear.
The factions are fighting and the terrorists too,
Not to mention the soldiers of Saddam’s left over few.
We shall never give up, that Dictator once said,
His predictions were true; though now he is dead.
The man once supported by the great U.S.A.,
Who when he was alive had too much to say,
And became the excuse for the war to begin,
The invasion that took place was all down to him.

~ 9 ~

Who have you killed? What was it like?
Did it give you the power of the man with the mike?
Did you think it not murder taking a life,
Be it done with a cannon or a blade of a knife?
When you invade another country its murder you see,
When you kill and slaughter folk who are free.
The bellicose officers that you all obey,
Know it is murder and you do what they say.
Why not admit it; you know it is true,
Though you may not know what it is that you do.
Your young soldiers are sacrificed I ask what for,
Is it in defence of your own country that you go to war.
Iraq did not attack you they are not terrorists you know,
They are just ordinary people who want to live and to grow.

~ 10 ~

We are sick of the killing we are sick of the blood,
We are sick of the bullshit that is not understood,
We went to war on a lie invading a sovereign land,
Charging across the country covered in sand
Killing and smashing our way to Bagdad
Like a buffalo herd that had suddenly gone mad.
We are but pawns in the game mindless and bold,
Manipulated by people who are ambitious and cold.
We are killers! yes killers for that’s what we do,
We kill in cold blood yes it’s unfortunately true,
Why do we do it if we don’t want it to be,
And condemn all the people who do not agree.
Hypocrites when older and mindless when young,
We stand proud of the country to which we belong.

~ 11 ~

I hope I have covered the different angles and frames,
Views gathered from people without any names.
Without being biased in one way or the other,
It is sensitive ground that I have sought to cover.
It’s a turbulent heartache that our soldiers must die,
Alongside women and children just for a lie.
That to write of these things is very difficult to do,
But I feel obliged to pursue whatever is true.
We will always stand solid patriotic and proud,
Though we are spat on and ridiculed by the hostile crowd.
For it is we who do suffer the traumas of war,
It is we who were there and we saw what we saw.
Whatever the cost in our hearts we all know
That wherever we are sent we will willingly go.