Colin F. Jones


The chiasma of this vinculum
This amalgamation of our thought
Is the inchoation of a vision
That we poets do cohort
Our platitudes find sparkle
And procreate in words
The splendour of sweet freedom
That in our soul endures
For sublime are inner blossoms
That entwine with loving grace
In the thoughts of honest poets
Who share this special place
Where the fulcrum at the centre
Is a golden winged embrace
As sisters and as brothers
Who share a common art
One’s verse inspires another’s
But we can tell them all apart
There’s no copy in our writings
Of what another writes
Which makes it so exciting
When each poem thus delights
For we are all so different
Unique in what we do
It really is significant
Our differentiating view
And that applies to everyone,
And that applies to you