Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

It was once thought the sun moved through the heavens,
For we had no concept of the movement of earth,
We knew not that the highest mountain was Everest,
We did not know what we were before birth
The edifice that surged up through the ages
Retains in some the fear of its cost
While some are passionate for its destruction
Though faith in God might ever be lost.
Voltaire thought astronomy would destroy religion
The law of inevitability was used as a tool
Yet both served to give greater strength to the pigeon
Thus flew as a hawk from the palm of the fool.
Yet the idea of the queen Bee system is rejected,
By those promoting “free will” over “rule.”

~ 2 ~

Copulation is not ‘free will’ it is chemical,
Anger is an emotion that sharpens our claws,
Many things that we consider unethical,
Are subject to uncontrollable laws.
What is sweet to the ear is the music
That has tones and a rhythm we prefer;
We are thus programmed that’s why we choose it,
It’s inevitable that this will occur.
The greater the conception we have of desire,
The smaller the conception of freedom we feel,
The less ‘free will’ then the more we aspire,
To use deception to satisfy appeal.
Inevitability is our most overlooked law,
Though it is prolific in its examples of war.

~ 3 ~

The will of the people gives the leader his power,
Because once elected he is the controller of law,
He may be morally and physically weaker,
But he can order his subjects into battle and war.
Because he is said to represent the will of a nation,
To do his bidding, is the nation to serve,
Even though serving is not the reason for conflict,
But to allow the leader his will to conserve.
It is the peoples trust that he counts on for power,
National pride and the need to prevail,
For they are petals of the same cultivated flower,
That die if the sown seeds do fail.
Though the leader may set up his nation for war,
The people must follow though they are unsure.

~ 4 ~

Insecurity allows law over freedom,
Begs for restraints and the control of free will,
For man knows his emotions can’t be trusted,
That without law he would ravish and kill.
When we allow truth to define our thinking,
We are quite aware of our frailties and doubts,
But from reality we are constantly shrinking,
That the louder one irresponsibly shouts.
We form groups, religions and associations,
We form clubs, political parties and cults,
Seeking out people of similar persuasions,
Based on race, speculations and assaults.
That all those who we think of as different,
Think we are different, that difference results.

~ 5 ~

Was the white man born to live on the prairie,
Or did he squat there to satisfy greed,
Do white folk believe in God and the fairy,
Just to satisfy an emotional need.
Why did the Indians live all over Arizona,
Why did aborigines live in the Australian outback,
Were these countries designed only to conquer,
Due to something the conqueror did lack.
The Osprey does not take food from the forest,
There are no Bison roaming the English fields,
In Asia they don’t eat English porridge,
They eat of the Rice that the Rice paddy yields.
Yet each over the other seeks to gain power,
Brandishing hatred behind cultural shields.

~ 6 ~

So we cut down the tree and the shower,
Like hungry dogs we scramble in dust,
Intent on only what we can devour,
To satisfy our greed and our lust.
We don’t care what we destroy in the process,
In that we no longer trust in each other.
Though none will ever admit it; confess,
For we live under the gaze of our Big Brother.
Who is it who establishes the false image,
The white Jesus with his trimmed beard and hair,
This swarthy carpenter and Jew of the desert,
With his blue eyes and countenance so fair?
Why do believers cultivate the lie…?
Is it not due to the doubts that they share.

~ 7 ~

There may never have been a real reason
That the Earth as we know it was formed,
That it relies on the change of its seasons,
From which a diversity of life has swarmed.
But we know none of this is haphazard,
That each machine that is formed needs rain,
That the gasses of air and sunlight,
Are required that life be sustained.
We all know that the air that we breathe
Must from poison be purified and safe,
That the more comforts and wealth we receive,
In more pollution we daily must bathe.
Or is it inevitable that we destroy ourselves,
Lest through God from ourselves we are saved.

~ 8 ~

So if we believe our Gods will save us,
Without any efforts from us to survive,
That it does not matter what we destroy,
In some sweet heaven we’ll still be alive.
Then the destruction of Earth is inevitable,
Its complex wonderments are for naught,
That all those violent things preventable,
Were just part of a temporary resort.
Then what was the point of our existence,
Why would a God create such a place,
Giving the go ahead to pursue a persistence,
In laying this wonderful world to waste.
Would we not be more responsible;
Knowing it was not myths and dreams that we chased.

~ 9 ~

I have something I am not content with,
You have something and you feel the same,
So you attack and deprive me of my something,
But it is more discontentment that you gain.
What will you do with so much discontent;
Will you simply accumulate a whole lot more,
Or will you turn it into resentment,
Of those who are contented with their store.
Then in wantonly stealing from their store rooms,
What is it that you will leave behind,
The discontent you used to procure it,
That now makes their rage as blind;
As your discontentment that stole it,
Leaving the truth now difficult to find.

~ 10 ~

It is inevitable that discontentment,
Will lead to the demise of love of friends,
That the poor will become more resentful,
Focusing on the rich folks trends.
For they will all want to own the palace,
Be the one standing on top of the heap,
Ensuring that the inevitability of balance,
Ensures the shepherd is tending the sheep.
For the system cannot survive without it,
For every wrong there must be a right,
Rights by wrongs must always be righted,
For every day there must be a night.
That for all those who are so delighted,
There are those who don’t feel so bright.

~ 11 ~

What are words that are uttered without action,
Are they not lines phrased only by fools,
Or by insincere people who use false direction,
As a set of communicative tools.
We can count on our fingers those friendships,
That have lasted “through thick and through thin”,
For most acquaintances are formed on the lip,
When it is dribbling all over the chin.
To friends we must not uncaringly speak,
Make no promise we cannot sustain,
For friends for your promise will seek,
In disappointment they’ll not trust you again.
For he who is not there for his friend,
Is a person we can’t comprehend.

~12 ~

Yet is not trust a relaxant from fear,
Is it not foolish to lower our guard,
Is it possible to love a person so dear,
That we fear not even the tiniest shard.
Can friends ever be so close
That implicit love can friendship bind
In unbreakable bonds like gloves
That from the hands can’t be defined.
Can such a friend only be God,
Who lives in the mind and soul,
From birth till we lie in the sod,
With love making our essence whole.
Ah! What friendship is this that we share,
That leaves my heart so cold with despair?
~ 13 ~

We still follow the status quo and traditions,
Designed by Priests and political men,
We still manufacture our own conditions
Then lose control with a sweep of the pen.
We mount individuals as hero’s on pedestals,
Build up tall poppies to have them cut down,
Think Priests are righteous individuals,
Rather than pretenders in pagan gowns.
We don’t control manipulative fashion,
Or the drugs that are sold on the street,
For we never go down to the station,
Where our children and reality meet.
We leave discipline to the helpless policeman,
While we sit at home expressing defeat.

~14 ~

Our children do not want soldiers for heroes;
They prefer those who come home from the game,
Not covered in blood or in body bags,
Not legless and mentally lame.
Yet still we stand up for the rhetoric,
The hype; the nations glorious name,
Until it’s too late and we can no longer stand it,
Blaming our leaders for our feelings of shame
We rejoice while we are killing the enemy,
When our soldiers are winning unscathed,
But that soon turns into sadness and empathy,
As we walk along the footpath we paved.
Is it inevitable that history will be repeated,
Or could all those lives that are lost be saved?

~15 ~

Oh yes everyone is an expert,
We all know better than those we elect,
Everything right was down to our own thoughts,
Everything wrong the politicians select.
Is it natural that we take it for granted,
That there will always be gas we can use,
That the market gardens will always have planted,
All the food from the land we abuse.
Is it inevitable that the water from rivers,
Which we can’t bathe in and no longer drink,
Will force us to fight over water,
Because it no longer drips into the sink.
Perhaps when our soldiers are daughters –
When, from the battle, our brave sons do shrink.

~ 16 ~

It does not matter what you believe nor pray to,
You will die when it’s your turn to die;
You will vanish from the world of your children,
Who like you will be wondering why.
Your house will still stand on the street,
Perhaps long after your children are gone.
And all that you did we’ll repeat,
Doing things that have already been done.
The landscape will change over time,
But we’ll still be air breathing machines,
Free from the dirt and the grime,
Eating genetically modified beans.
But outside our bubbles what would we opine,
More failed stalemates and fanciful dreams

~ 17 ~

Yet nothing has changed in our lives,
We still work and we play and we fight,
While establishing the many more hives,
For the law of inevitability is definitely right.
Oh it’s not so bad, all working for her,
Our God saving us from ourselves,
Lest the things of the past reoccur
As she swells, swells up and swells.
Our species will survive you see,
It is inevitable that it does,
For our children one day might be free,
Thus in her we will always trust.
Yet still I do long to see …
The God who made my Mother from dust.

~18 ~

The military cone the upside down tower,
Wider at the bottom than it is at the top,
Is not really that different from the bower,
Where Politicians and people go to shop.
Gathered together under the law for opinion,
That is stated without power to enforce
It strengthens the fewer commanding,
That those above them can the opinions endorse.
But not all opinions remain after the melt down,
What is left pass to the top of the spire,
Where it is decided in the form of a command,
To commit the nation to the people’s desire.
Be it that we do or we do not understand
That actions taken are the events we require.

~ 19 ~

When the herd becomes too fat and expectant,
Of fine fields filled with fodder quite lush,
It is inevitable that many things unexpected
Will as weeds through the affluent fields push.
The people will become frustrated and divided;
Some think they are losing all they have gained,
While farmers, from where affluence is provided,
Can’t understand why the consumers complain.
When the conclusions reach the top of the tower,
Where by one man the decisions must be made,
From any reductions in affluence we cower,
And responsibility and fault we evade.
For he alone stands at the top of the tower,
As in the media his popularity doth fade.

~ 20 ~

Those who have much and are many,
Always have the most clutter to lose,
Though most claim they do not have any,
They have more than they need to choose.
So when a shortage of things axiomatic,
Becomes evident in the copious mans eye,
It is a sign that the future traumatic,
Will cause a great many more poor folk to die.
While inevitability will challenge the reasons,
Scientists will use it to challenge our thoughts,
Religions will call us to God for our treasons,
While the facts none seem to report.
But no doubt it will affect the elections,
And what ideas our leaders import.

~ 21 ~

Those who are running for office,
Though on the same side of politics they run,
Are they digging up dirt on each other,
Because to do so is so much fun…
Are they there to ridicule the opposition,
Or are they there to promote themselves,
Or does both ways best describe their position,
As lower and lower their animosity delves.
It seems the best way to avoid saying something,
Is to ridicule the other side,
Lest they inevitably reveal something,
The other is trying to hide.
Though all of it amounts to nothing,
For the people know both of them will have lied.

~ 22 ~

If you tell the people that they are all clever
Then clever the people will think they are,
If you tell them they are dumber than ever,
They’ll become hostile and jump over the bar.
So is it not better to tell them a lie,
If the fact is that they are stupid is true,
Lest they challenge your reason why,
When you really don’t have a clue.
Its really not about what they think,
Apart from how he smiles and combs his hair,
It’s the media who will influence the link,
To the office and who sits in the chair.
For only small sections of people know,
What the truth is, while the rest don’t care.

~ 23 ~

Commands like law depend on things that happen,
The flag flies only when the wind is strong,
There are no choices unless things do happen,
With out event there is no right and wrong.
The commander in Chief may well provide the order,
To ready armies for the event of war,
But each man acts upon a lesser order,
To meet reality upon a foreign shore.
Then does the leader still in his lonely steeple,
Commit to death all those who lose their lives,
Does he alone stand representative of his people.
Then is he not responsible for who survives.
He is the man who we blame for all our Losses,
But it is only love that counts the soldiers crosses.

~ 24 ~

It is not known why we go to war,
Why we revolt; why we choose to disagree,
There might be a reason if there was no law,
But that would suggest and Apple without a tree.
Free will is just a wish and not an option,
If we had free will then chaos would rule the earth,
People are quite orderly by the wise adoption
Of laws that restrain their emotions given at birth.
Will we ever be rid of emotion and speculation,
What would we be if these things did not exist?
How could we choose without a fair election;
What would we know if we could not insist?
Tis fair to say that air without inhalation,
Would have no role in science and creation.

~ 25 ~

We must feed and copulate to be,
We have no choice thus we are not free,
We cannot choose to manufacture and see,
A wooden boat without the help of a tree.
We can choose only from things to be chosen,
Not from things we chose to be there,
For though we can reason we have no free will,
We have nothing of our own to share.
We must abide by the laws of nature,
As well as laws we appoint for ourselves,
A single law denies free will any stature,
No matter how deeply our intelligence delves.
We like to think we developed from nothing,
But we know not where nothingness dwells.

~ 26 ~

We love do we not or do we not,
If we love then how does it feel,
Is it kindness or trust or what,
Why does it to most people appeal.
Is love an indescribable thing,
An emotion for multi-factional use,
Is it an internal bell that rings,
Or is it a simple word that we abuse.
What do we need to know, to know,
What it is, what it feels like to hold,
Does it have a string to fit every bow,
Does it warm you whenever you’re cold.
I shall venture to answer this thought,
Now I’m less blinded by youth, being old.

~ 27 ~

Love begins in the arms of a Mother,
Especially for those with a Mother who cares,
Or is not deprived by things that smother,
The privileges that a Mother might share.
It is provided by touch that is gentle,
Conveying feelings of security and trust,
That were probably quite fundamental,
In the results of the parents’ lust.
So unless the baby was born in squalor,
It knows something of kind and care,
That for the same reasons it’s likely to holler,
Simply to indulge in what loving folk share,
Which seems like a good enough reason,
To say its inevitability what I declare.

~ 28 ~

Though we always know that our mother loves us,
Though often we are never so sure about dad,
We have no idea what this love thing is,
When we are a little girl or a bit of a lad.
We are taught so often to say it,
That it becomes just another nice word,
Though with our dolls and toys we play it,
We even say that we love a bird.
Well when I look up there in the branches,
And see that colourful tweet-a-tweet,
I know only too well that I like it,
It makes me feel good and light on my feet.
So I ask is this – what love is like…
“Well yes, sometimes it is my sweet”

~ 29 ~

Well sometimes means not always,
And not always means it’s not,
So although I like the parrots,
It’s not a bout of love I’ve got.
But I love, (like), all the flowers,
I like all the butterflies true,
I like puddles and I like showers,
And I like, (love), my Mother too.
So what is love I wonder,
It is confusing to say the least,
I guess we love people but don’t love thunder,
And like but don’t love the beast.
But how can I love the world,
If I don’t love a bird, at least.

~ 30 ~

To love God is a serious matter,
For it is obviously hard to do,
Because I think I love my Mother,
Because I know that she is true.
But where is God… in heaven,
I don’t know if he’s even there,
And I am only seven,
I should be careful how I share.
God never comes to visit,
I have never heard him speak,
Yet mum tells me I must love him,
Almost every day of the week.
So when I go to bed I pray,
Because mum says I’m very meek.

~ 31 ~

I don’t have to ask my dad to love me,
Though it seems I must ask the Lord,
Which does not make my mind feel free,
And praying to God makes me bored.
Oh I wish I knew what love was,
Is it this feeling that makes me proud,
Proud of our little family,
When we are out among the crowd.
Though I am told I should love others,
Even folk I do not know,
I remember those words of Mothers,
“With strangers never go”
So this love word, well it bothers,
My mind that wants to know.

~ 32 ~

My brother and I are different,
You can tell us both apart,
He is tall and handsome,
While I’m just a little fart.
I tease him until he’s angry,
Then I say “go ahead and strike,
Cause I’m ready to do battle,
So you can slug me if you like”
He has quite a red hot temper,
But how well he holds it back,
Because I know that he loves me,
So he refrains from his attack,
And though I’m disappointed,
There are feelings I do not lack.

~ 33 ~

There is the emotion of disappointment,
But a sadder feeling as well,
Though I wanted to fight my idol,
The thought of doing so hurt like hell.
Then why did I want to do it,
Was it because I knew he was better than me,
Was it because I was so little,
I had to prove I was as strong as a bigger tree.
Was it because no one listened,
For I had much I wanted to say,
But was always afraid to say it,
Because it was always swept away.
Well, yes I knew my brother loved me,
But it was a word I could not say.

~ 34 ~

Time would see us share together,
A life of poverty and strife,
And we all enjoyed each other,
Us kids and this man and wife.
Was it love that ever bound us,
Or was it inevitable that we’d prevail,
Over circumstances we could not,
Even think that we might fail?
We were not held back forever,
Life would take a better turn,
But though we’d always be so close,
About that word love I did not learn.
I guess I had yet to do some living,
Perhaps I had yet this love to earn.

~ 35 ~

I think I loved Margaret Sully,
But really I did not know,
Though it seemed I was in a hurry,
To go wherever she liked to go.
Or was it that she loved me,
She seemed to smile at me a lot,
She was the only girl I could see,
Who asked for no more than she got.
She was the top girl in my grade,
Where yes, I was the top boy,
Where good friendships were made,
With folk one could not avoid.
But did I love her; I don’t know,
I’ve not forgotten her, and so…

~ 36 ~

When there is no love in your life,
If you miss it then you know,
There was love before this strife
That is saddening you so.
How can you feel a loss of love,
If there was no love there before,
Be it love from God above
Or from folk you knew much more.
Yet it seems the more you cry,
The less love you will receive,
Time will simply pass you by,
While this loss of love you grieve.
But inevitably you will rise,
As you experience loves demise.

~ 37 ~

When you see her yes you know,
She sort of takes your breath away,
Desire through your blood doth flow,
Casting all thoughts from the way,
That might infringe on how you feel,
That might your emotions suppress,
As something felt that is not real
Yet cannot be expressed.
You still don’t know what it is,
But you know it feeds your desire,
Yet is it more than what it is,
Expressed in you as sexual fire.
Well there’s no answer while you’re young,
Or you’re too old to inquire.

~ 38 ~

It is not love of a lasting kind,
It is a fire that destroys itself,
There must be something more to bind,
Each one to one’s self.
It is the use of a chemical joy,
For something less than love,
Between perhaps a girl and boy,
Who seek not to extend their role;
Where responsibility interferes,
And tries to make them whole,
When the truth of love appears
Which is the inevitable goal.
That oft leaves one in tears,
When the other one disappears.

~ 39 ~

I don’t know what makes a man Gay,
It would seem it’s down to birth,
Though it’s not “normal” to be that way,
Every life has its worth.
That a man can desire another man,
To the extent of having sex,
I doubt was the intended plan,
But that is a thought that is complex.
A man can no doubt love another man,
But to have sex is a filthy act,
That we do not have the right to ban,
But must state truly as a fact.
But love is love, is love,
And from that we can’t retract.

~ 40 ~

What is normal you may ask me,
Well if it’s not normal it is rare,
The percentages being the only key,
If we are trying to be fair.
What is not normal is not wrong,
But it doesn’t fit the accepted right,
Which in percentages must belong,
Where most folk think it might.
Rare is the lower number,
Where the higher number is always high,
On that we need not slumber,
Nor ask the reason why.
Thus it is not a matter of prejudice,
Just true observation of the eye.

~ 41 ~

The unloved at first blame others,
Then they turn in on themselves,
They hide beneath the covers,
While their inner ego swells.
They are insecure and oft downtrodden,
Lack self care and lose their way,
Then finally hit rock bottom,
Oft choosing not on earth to stay.
But like an addict of the bottle,
Some can polish up their shoes,
Reach out and find a partner,
Change their self detracting views,
But not before they know they have,
The courage to love and lose.

~ 42 ~

There are those who are different,
Different in the ways they want to share,
Different for a thousand reasons,
But the same as all who love and care.
Folk who do not seek to damage,
Seek not to force their thoughts and ways,
On people who can’t manage,
Such pressure intruding in their days.
There are those that many fear
Because they don’t understand who they are,
Thus they mock and often leer,
And with criticism go too far.
Yet none of us quite understand
Ourselves and what we are.

~ 43 ~

I would not lie with my brother,
For I do not have that desire,
Nor would I seek to discover,
In him a sexual fire.
But I love him because I know him,
And we share the same dad,
Thus our closeness is due to family,
Not due to some oblique fad.
Yet he would love his woman,
As he could never love me,
And I would love my woman,
As I could never love him.
And sometimes to love a woman
Can cause brotherly love to grow dim.

~ 44 ~

Tis said that all men are brothers,
Equal to each other’s worth,
But the truth is there are others,
Who are born enemies at birth.
By education and religions,
They are divided from the start,
All trained as a homing pigeons,
Thus are morally apart.
If these men meet in battle
They treat each other as the foe,
But if they share the same metal
They into war as brothers go.
And when in peace they settle
Their close brotherhood they show.

~ 45 ~

What causes then a soldier,
To love another as a friend,
Even though he may not know him,
But on him he must depend?
It’s due to facing fear and hardship,
Facing death and common pain,
Relying on one another for survival,
With a courage they must sustain.
It is knowing that the other
Will guard your back until he dies;
Who will come running to save you,
If he hears your painful cries.
For soldiers become true brothers,
Thus I think love here applies.

~ 46 ~

What is it that makes the connection,
That comes to settle in our minds,
As something more than an emotion,
That secures our trust and binds,
Us closely to one another,
Though so different we all be,
If it is not the spirit of our Mother,
Mother nature by decree.
It is inevitable that the rives run,
That the clouds pass overhead,
That when all our time is gone,
We will all be lying dead …
Inevitable that a love well won,
Will not from it have fled.

~ 47 ~

Yet all soldiers are not good men,
Some are murderers and cold,
Some are cruel to all women,
Some should never have grown old.
Some are unpleasant dirty people,
Who would rob you real quick;
Some are so tethered to the steeple,
That in your heart you know they’re sick.
But yes they are all brothers,
All part of the human race,
They all had Dads and Mothers,
They all grew up the world to face.
Thus we must ask ourselves what smothers,
A brothers love to leave no trace.

~ 48 ~

People nearly always flock together,
When a common foe might threaten harm,
The bad to good may often tether
Themselves together arm in arm.
Thus side by side they stand in battle;
Back to back they face the foe.
Thus they find a new emotion
That before they did not know.
Is it love, this thing that binds them,
Is it a deeper thing than that,
An unknown spirit that envelopes them,
In that a Dove befriends a Rat.
But then ‘tis said the Rat becomes the Dove
That the rest might flow from that.

~ 49 ~

But perhaps it is ourselves that we honour,
For we did “what must be done”
Be with a compass or as a gunner,
Knowing we fight a war that must be won.
For it is not true that we were all brothers,
We were soldiers trained to fight,
It was inevitable that we’d guard others,
Cling together in our fright.
It is not love as some would know it,
It is more like respect and trust,
Though some may not clearly show it,
It is simply doing the thing one must.

~ 50 ~

The power of suggestion starts the movement
That fills a common need;
That may be seen as a vast improvement
That grows from the scattered seed.
Like the ship dubbed unsinkable,
That would have so many folk believe.
Though it is really quite unthinkable,
That such a foolish statement we’d perceive.
Legends grow from suggestion,
Of heroes false and heroes true,
Myths and cults become quite common,
Because they suit a certain view.
Though sometimes brothers are not brothers,
Love among them is deemed true.

~ 51 ~

It is a world of much suggestion,
Of biased thinking and common wrought,
Where greed is never questioned,
Because it is a culture that is taught.
It is a world where fame and fortune,
And the falsely painted trend,
Of sipping grog in nightclubs,
Is where you’ll find a friend.
Where the profit of the dollar,
Is more important than the man,
And where you really need to holler,
Just about as loud as you can,
To change the thinking of the scholar,
Who conforms only to the clan.

~ 52 ~

As predicted in the Holy Bible
And in many other history texts,
It seems human beings are not able,
To establish balances and checks.
For it seems we just keep on hurtling
Towards a somewhat tragic end,
Which, to many, is rather startling
And hard to comprehend.
But every story has a beginning,
Thus an end it must have too,
That inevitability must be winning,
Or this statement is not true.
Though some just call it sinning,
For that is mostly what they do.

~ 53 ~

It is when nations conquer other countries
That inevitably their strength will wane;
For they are effectively extending their boundaries,
To secure what they consider to be gain.
But what they do is inherit more people,
With underlining hatreds and rage,
Who will attempt to rebuild their own steeple,
And rewrite their cultural page.
For people never forget their heritage,
The source of birth remains in their blood,
And the local people will often disparage,
The conquered people who are not understood.
Some religious folk might well encourage,
A belief that the flooding of Earth was good.

~ 54 ~

So many stand at the altar and pledge
Something they can only hope to achieve,
It is not based on experience and knowledge,
But on what they want, and think they believe.
They lie to their God and their pastor,
Though what they say they think is the truth,
But how can anyone predict the future,
When of the future they do not have proof.
They base everything on that single moment,
Commit themselves to a lifetime of love,
Thinking God will bring them no torment;
That their marriage was born in heaven above.

~ 55 ~

But how often does love grow to be nurtured,
To be essential in the lives of the twain,
Instead of leading to minds that are tortured,
Resulting in terrible heartbreak and pain.
Was it love that fuelled the failed efforts of those,
Who succumbed to the ravages of time,
Why does time often detrimentally expose,
The pledge of love being short of divine.
We know so little when our hearts are young,
We are infatuated with lust and desire,
That swells in our bodies unsung,
Like a torrent of unstoppable fire.
Is this love? For if it is then it can die
Though some say true love can never expire.

~ 56 ~

It is not love that causes you loss;
It is misunderstanding, ignorance and hate.
It is a selfish emotion to cross,
But in love forgiveness is never too late.
But it cannot forgive what it does not receive,
For it survives only by its return,
This being but one view for you to perceive,
For only from experience of this can you learn.
The prettiest flowers are the hardest to grow,
They must be watered and carefully kept,
When they die it is still possible to sow,
More flowers from the tears that you wept.
For love if you have it will last,
So long as your trust is never inept.

~ 57 ~

No matter how a friend or loved one goes,
Be it from old age or dying quite young,
The pain is the same, as anyone knows,
Who have by both sad events been stung.
The same distress is howled out by a hound,
That has discovered its new born pups are dead,
So it is a subject I find quite profound,
That now makes curious the thoughts in my head.
For is it love that causes the pain for our loss,
Is it just sadness that cause distress;
We know some are not affected at all,
While some are relieved from their particular stress.
Is it inevitable that a person will cry…?
In that love is uncontrollable emotion; that’s why.

~ 58 ~

Often soldiers find love hard to feel,
Like folk who have had much hardship in life,
Trauma is quite difficult to heal,
As might be known by any vets wife.
But that same man can be caring and true,
Though it is not love he feels in his soul,
Because he knows what he wants to do,
Though he will never consider himself whole.
Sexual desire though sometimes depressed,
Is not the problem that ravishes his mind,
He is reluctant and sometimes embarrassed,
But it’s that deep knowledge of love he can’t find.
It is that something he cannot describe,
That somewhere was left far behind.

~ 59 ~

A machine without fuel cannot function,
And a human being is an obvious machine,
It relies on water and food for consumption,
Else it withers and is never again seen.
It is machine made mostly from water,
With electrical circuits with a chemical mix,
It is capable of kindness and slaughter;
It can make things it can afterwards fix.
You can tune it by teaching it language;
Program it once it can understand words.
You can teach it to grow up as a savage,
Or to like babies in cradles and birds.
You can discipline it with threats of destruction,
So long as it thinks it’s a threat it deserves.

~ 60 ~

Unlike a mechanical machine it can feel,
Due to the nerves that run from the brain,
Like electricity running through wires of steel,
That transport feelings like warmth and pain.
But its magic lies in its ability to reason,
To think about what its eyes lenses do see,
It can smell and recognizes each season,
And has senses that make it feel free.
It feels pain when it becomes damaged,
That’s because it needs to know its own pain,
Which tells it to seek an advantage,
That from hurtful events it should refrain.
But some feelings lead it into a scrimmage,
That it can experience humility and shame.

~ 61 ~

When people rise up against a government,
Do they know what they are rising up for,
Do they think they are denied their covenant,
Or has the government just become a bore.
Is it because the voters are different people,
Than they were a few years ago,
Who want to change the hue of the steeple,
Though the bricks remain the same colour below.
Or do they think their system is not working,
Though it’s been doing so for 300 hundred years,
Is it just politics and suggestion that is talking,
Or do the people have genuine fears.
Or is it simply inevitable that the pups are barking,
Because they can hear the old dog’s jeers.

~ 63 ~

A young bloke doesn’t want to be an old bloke,
The old bloke shares that common view,
But they think about it differently,
Because the old bloke was a young bloke too.
But the young bloke has never been an old bloke,
So he doesn’t care much about the past;
His eyes are set firmly on the future,
For that is where his shadow is cast.
But the old bloke, well he just remembers,
Things the young bloke will never see,
Still trying to tell the younger members,
That because he was young is why they’re free.
But the young blokes smile at these bold defenders,
For they are polite but they don’t agree.

~ 64 ~

They can’t agree because their future
Does not belong to those of old,
It is for the young to claim and nurture,
The future as it unfolds.
There may have been great men before them,
But all those folk have lived and gone,
Now it’s up to the great young men among them,
For what in the past was done is done.
The old need to step back into the shade,
Let the new breed of young folk through,
Because it’s now a new parade,
In which you can’t march with a worn out shoe.
For yes it is inevitable …
But that is something we always knew.

To be continued…

Author’s Note: I would not expect anyone to read this; it is very long and will over time become a whole lot longer. There will be edits, if I ever bother to read it all, and I might pull out the odd verse as a stand-alone poem, each verse being ‘just that’ I hope. I have written other parts to this previously over a period, but I don’t know where they are, perhaps I will be able to fit it all together one day. Meanwhile, well, on it goes, a constant rambling, like a rolling snow ball looking for a pool to splash into, to inevitably melt away and become what it was to begin with. I don’t apologise for the lack of quality, for rattling along at this pace – that is something that is INEVITABLE.