Colin F. Jones


‘Tis like the tide as it returns to claim the sandy beach,
The golden grains believing that the sea will never reach.
Thus we all face the end of life with sadness in our hearts,
For those we love are left behind as our life from earth departs.
None want to pass through the veil though eager we might go,
For life despite its harder times is the only one we know.
Throughout our time on earth we meet and love a lot of folk,
We share our deepest failed dreams as we would share a joke.
Those we hurt live in our minds to torment our better selves,
We seek to make amends and clean the dust off all our shelves.
More than most the soldier to his brothers joined by war,
Shares a quiet respect and love that forms the warrior coups.
Oh, we will miss our friends, Good Lord – they will miss us too,
For in the hearts of soldiers Mate, love is a word that’s true.

Author’s Note: Inspired by Garland Young